Transforming critical infrastructure with:

Intelligent automation.

An investment opportunity: technology that solves the challenges of increasingly debilitating demand on our most important global industries.


The world’s critical industries are struggling.

As demand grows and resources decline, we are rapidly realising our working population can no longer support the crucial infrastructure and services that enable our society to function.

Healthcare is suffering, energy is strained, agriculture is overextended, and national security will be pushed beyond its means.

We move the data that moves the world.

Omnesse provides an intelligent automation capability that provides the solutions to this problem. It brings data from systems, devices and people together through powerful integration, and automates smart workflows, to optimise processes and deliver transformative improvements in any industry.

Omnesse is already supporting and streamlining healthcare, mining, agriculture and defence:

Real-time hospital automation solution. 

Value chain optimisation and automation. 

the Challenge

The problem is unique and evolving.

In the face of increasing staffing and skills shortages, our healthcare, energy, agriculture and national security must lean heavily on automation for mission critical processes.

More than ever, automation places demands on systems, devices and people to exchange data reliably, securely, intelligently and in real-time.

This ends up being a lot harder than most people expect.

No integration:

 Existing large IoT solutions are expensive, closed ecosystems that don’t allow for open integration.

too specialised:

 Smaller options are specialised and heavily fragmented – multiple vendors are needed for one customer, but again, integration between them is difficult or impossible.

No suitable solutions:

Neither of these solutions provide a viable solution at scale.

Omnesse automates real-time action.

Our solution is an end-to-end Intelligent Automation platform, combining an open integration architecture, responder communications and AI-driven workflows to optimise process and deliver transformative staff and infrastructure safety improvements.

Enabling real-time data flow:

  • Integration: connects and integrates data from disparate sources.
  • Ingestion: Ingests, cleans and categorises the real-time data.
  • Interpret: Contextualises the real-time data semantically.

Actions intelligent automation:

  • Assess: Coordinates complex, real-time workflows.
  • Address: Routes real-time information to a destination.
  • Actions: Performs actions based on real-time insights.

The Company

Founded in 2018, Omnesse was purpose-built to meet the increasing demands on our critical industries. Its unique solution gives it exceptional market potential across a broad array of industries.

Melbourne-based company with a vision to become the global operating system for intelligent automation in mission critical environments.

Cloud-first strategy, working with Microsoft to transition clients from existing on-premises automation solutions into their cloud-native Azure solution.

Current portfolio brands include Olinqua and 4Zero, and focus on critical industries such as healthcare and agriculture, mining and defence respectively.

The Opportunity

Join the movement

Omnesse is seeking to raise capital to expand our business and bring our first-of-its kind solution to the world.

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