Enabling sustainability through interoperability

An investment opportunity: solving a crucial global big business challenge through innovative technology

Our Platform

Omnesse is a powerful interoperability platform, driven by a universal language.

It connects disparate machines and devices, enabling them to finally communicate and collaborate successfully. Through their cooperation, useful data can be collated in one place and applied in ways that transform industries.

The Need

A growing global focus on sustainability

Over recent decades, our world and the way we approach it have started to change dramatically. We have begun to see and experience the impact our actions have on the environment around us, and we’ve recognised we need to correct our behavior before it’s too late.

At the forefront of this correction are big businesses – global, industrial giants making billions of dollars, while their production pumps harmful pollutants into our air, land and waterways.

The world’s populations have declared enough-is-enough, and while responsible companies seek accurate and efficient ways to measure, manage and reduce their impact, governments are introducing strict regulation that requires all others to do the same.  

the Challenge

reporting and repairing

As governments of the world unite to regulate practices and enable greater sustainability, the reporting requirements for businesses have become more complex and stringent.

No longer satisfied with Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reporting, which already pose incredible challenges for businesses, they are now increasingly demanding comprehensive Scope 3 reports – a requirement that could cost businesses billions.

Scope 1:

Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources

Scope 2:

Indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy

Scope 3:

All indirect emissions from the ENTIRE value chain – upstream and down

problem statement

More than 90% of S&P 500 are required or choose to publish a Scope 1/2 ESG report.

The US Secretaries and Exchange Commission has proposed more detailed Scope 3 ESG reporting.

For 90% of business leaders, regulations and brand reputation make ESG a financial imperative.

The problem:

There has been no existing solution that enables the interoperability required between value chain entities, to efficiently collate this data and automate reporting.

Until Now

The Solution

Solving the problem

Omnesse is the first technology platform to solve this problem – quickly, efficiently, effectively. Connecting data sources from the entirety of the supply chain, and enabling them to communicate and work together for the first time in history, it empowers the collation of comprehensive data and automated reporting.

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The Opportunity

Join the movement

Omnesse is seeking to raise capital to expand our business and bring our first-of-its kind solution to the world. 

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